Insurance for washing machines is the smart way to go

The washing machine is one of the most frequently used household appliances. If you have a big family, it can seem like its constantly on. Insurance for washing machines is the only way to ensure you're not left washing your whites in the sink if anything goes wrong with the machine.

Remember that when you buy a brand new washing machine it comes with a guarantee from the retailer or manufacturer for a certain number of years. Some places will give you the option of purchasing an extended guarantee, which is effectively extended insurance for washing machines.

You only need to purchase insurance for your washing machine when the guarantee expires, otherwise you'd be insuring the same item twice!

British Gas, Domgen, Warranty Ex and Argos will all insure your washing machine for as little as £100 per year. Anytime your machine breaks down, they will have a fully qualified person call to your house and fix the problem for you. Any spare parts that are needed will be supplied by the insurance company.

And if your machine is beyond repair, the insurance policy will protect you from having to buy another one. A replacement machine is a standard benefit of all good washing machine insurance.

Make sure you carefully check the terms of any deal to see what's included and what's not on any policy. Foreign washing machines are often not covered by insurance providers, and either is cosmetic damage to your machine that don't affect its performance.

You can get an instant online quote on insurance for washing machines from any of the companies listed above.


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