Insurance for weddings: Amp up protection for brides' life, style and big day.

When considering suitable insurance for weddings, amp up the brides life, style, venue, and decor coverage. Make sure you're protected if the marquee collapses or red wine is spilled on your perfect dress. The weddng is the day of a lifetime, and most brides have planned their perfect day since childhood. Nothing can fix those shattered dreams if something goes wrong, but having enough insurance coverage in place can at least reimburse you for the costs.

Basic Wedding Insurance Plans

Basic wedding insurance plans typically provide a fixed amount towards the costs of a cancelled or rescheduled wedding, supplier failure, damaged dress, outfits or gifts and problems with the cake, photographs rings and flowers. In addition, the plan generally includes personal liability, accident and legal expenses.

WeddingPlan offers a basic wedding insurance plan for £19.99 covering up to £2,500 in cancellation costs and £4,250 in other costs such as transport and attire.

Ecclesiastical offers an insurance plan for £19.00, reimbursing up to £5,000 for a cancellation but with no provision for other costs.

Premium Wedding Insurance Plans and Add-Ons

Premium plans represent the most comprehensive form of insurance for weddings. Sample coverage options for the bride's lifestyle and special day include add-ons, such as marquee cover, in the event that the marquee is lost or damaged; coverage for damage or loss of ceremonial swords; and public liability coverage, for damage to a third party's possessions.

WeddingPlan offers a variety of upgrades and add-ons each for specific prices. For wedding cancellation reimbursement of up to £50,000 and additional reimbursement for other expenses, the cost for premier insurance is £174.99.

Debenhams offers diamond plus wedding insurance for £245. The plan reimburses up to £70,000 if the wedding is cancelled.

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