Looking for a policy that allows interest free car insurance payments?

Looking to find a car insurance policy that allows interest free car insurance payments? If you are, then we believe we've found the perfect company for you to look up, as they allow you to pay your car insurance in bite sized monthly chunks, without costing you anything in interest payments, so let's take a look!

Anybody who is looking for a bargain deal on their car insurance needs to check out Virgin Insurance at uk.virginmoney.com. The main selling point of a Virgin Car Insurance policy is the fact they'll allow you to spread your payments out over a 12 month period at no extra cost to you in interest payments. It's perfect for anyone without a massive amount to lavish on a once off insurance payment.

Virgin Insurance act as insurance brokers, taking an expert look around the market with their pool of trusted insurers in an effort to get you the best possible deal on your car insurance. They promise that each year they will double check that your renewal quote is competitive too, and if it isn't, they'll change your insurer to one offering a lower price.

Their policies are fully customisable, allowing you to tack on some of their ready made optional extras. These comes in different bundles that cost you anything from £3 per month to £13 per month. You can check out the full range of optional extras at uk.virginmoney.com/virgin/car-insurance/optional.jsp.

Virgin allow you to put in for a quote online, and in our opinion, they are one of the best insurance providers in the UK. Check them out for a fantastic low priced quote on your insurance premium!

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