An interest free loan

There are ways to get the elusive interest free loan but you will have to think a little outside the box for this. While lenders don't offer interest free loans because they would make no money, there are ways to get something close to an interest free loan.

One great way is with your overdraft. A lot of banks now offer interest free overdrafts and some of these can go up to £2,000. This is a great way to get money quickly and easily with no interest on the repayments.

As long as you pay everything back over time no one will turn bat an eyelid. This is a guilt free way of getting up to £2,000 so up your interest free overdraft and you have a 2k interest free loan, well, kind of!

Another way is to get a credit card with 0% on purchases credit card. Again just like the overdraft you can take money interest free as long as it is repaid. In this case there is a time limit on the 0% so be sure to have it fully repayed before it ends or prepare for a serious shock.

You can find out the amount but it is basically based on your credit card limit. Another great but slightly riskier way of getting interest free cash.

While these may not be loans per say, it are interest free cash and it's very easy to get your hands on. See if you can avail of the interest free overdraft or 0% purchases credit card and get that interest free cash you've been craving.

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