Who has the best interest rates on savings accounts

Comparing interest rates on savings accounts

Whether you are looking for a saving account for yourself or kids, you want to make sure that you are getting the best interest rates and your money is in the best place. Different banks and building societies will offer different rates depending on the amount you can deposit, and whether you want instant access to your money or not.


Halifax offers a few different options with its savings accounts. It offers an online saver package which offers unlimited withdrawals on the savings but has a low 2.80% interest rate. It offers accounts with higher rates or fixed period savings, it’s important to check the full details of each account to get the right one for you.


Barclays offer a variety of accounts as well including two that are aimed at children, so you can start saving for them, and teach them the value of having money put aside.

Their interest rates again are affected by instant access or long term savings options but start around 0.25% for a children’s account and around 0.85% for an instant access savings account. Interest rates on thee accounts go up depending on the time of account you choose and whether you access your savings or not.


There are of course hundreds of other savings accounts available, and if you know exactly what you are looking for then it is a good idea to go and sign up. However if you want to look at all of the options then you could do worse then look at a comparing site such as money supermarket.

The site compares all of the latest savings accounts and gives you results that then allow you to search through them, and get the account that is best suited to your needs. You can do this by checking each bank individually, but this has all the results in one place and users can easily compare the results to get the best deal.

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