International student bank accounts

If you're a student studying in the UK from abroad, you should think about getting a UK bank account for the duration of your stay. Having a UK account will make managing your finances easier than if you have international bank accounts, which may not operate the same while you are here.

When you apply for a UK bank account you will need to provide some important documentation with your application form. This includes proof of address from your UK residence, a letter confirming your place at the educational institute in which you study and documents from any international bank accounts you are a holder of in your home country. When you visit the bank of your choice you can request information regarding whether you can make transfers from your UK account to your international accounts and vice versa. You could also find out whether your home bank has any special relationships with your new UK bank. This could help expiate any transfers you wish to make.

There is no need to close your international bank accounts as long as you keep up on commitments on them from the UK, such as overdraft payments or fees, your account will stay open for as long as you need to it too. If you do not hold a bank in your country residence, it may be worth choosing a bank which has international accounts in your country. Barclays Bank, National Westminster and Halifax all operate international bases in a number of countries. This means you can keep your account once your course has finished and you have returned home.

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