International debt recovery services

The difference between a Collection Agency and an International Debt Recovery Agency, is that an International Debt Recovery Agency has the capabilities to collect debts from other countries. These agencies understand time zone differences, language barriers and often liaise with other debt collection agencies abroad.

When looking for an International Debt Recovery Agency it is important to choose one that does not ask for up front fees, no contracts and has a profitable track record. These are very important factors that should influence your decision.

The company we recommend is Access Credit Management, which can be found online at accesscm.co.uk. It has a proven record of debt recovery on an international basis. They operate on a no collection, no fee basis. This means there is no cost to you as they attempt to recover the debt. It is possible to freephone them on 0800 694 0484 to discuss your debt.

Another company that we highly recommend is Steinfield and Co legal international, which can be found online at steinfielddebtrecovery.com. They also offer a no win, no fee debt recovery service. The key to their success is their broad understanding of jurisdictional obstacles, which allows them to overcome many of the difficulties encountered in collecting debt abroad. It is possible to contact them on their website or by ringing 01925 661973.

There are many difficulties that can be encountered when trying to collect a debt abroad. That is why the services of the types of debt collectors are so beneficial. With their no win, no fee policy, what have you got to lose?

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