The basics of international online banking

International online banking is something you definitely need if you are operating an online business that requires you to transact with suppliers or business partners from abroad. With an online bank account, you will have an easier time managing your account, as well as sending and receiving funds. You will not have to worry about varying time zones either since most online banking websites are operational 24/7. Even holidays typically do not matter.


With RBS International, you have two types of international banking accounts to choose from: Digital Banking or iBanking.

With Digital Banking, you are provided online access to any offshore sterling accounts you may have. With iBanking, you can access both offshore currency and sterling accounts. If you sign up for iBanking Plus, you will also have the added benefit of making convenient international payments online at discounted rates. You will also be provided with your own smart card and card reader for an extra layer of security for your online account.


Lloyds TSB also offers international banking accounts, and their services are not much different from what are offered by RSB International. It is worth mentioning, however, that the company recently won the 2010 Online Security Award from Global Finance.

The only difference is that there is no account demo available with Lloyds TSB, while demos are available for both types of online banking accounts from RSB International.

The Internet is never free from hackers, so if you do choose to open an account online for international online banking, do make sure that you are dealing with the official or authorised website of a legitimate and reputable banking company.

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