Everything you need to know about international travel insurance

International travel insurance is a temporary insurance a person purchases before leaving the country they live in. This insurance is vitally important as it covers part or most of the costs of medical care and other travel-related emergencies. The cost of medical care in other countries can vary wildly and if you need hospital treatment while in a foreign country, you will be expected to foot the bill. This could potentially cost you thousands, if not hundreds-of-thousands of pounds without insurance.

A person can purchase international travel insurance either as part of their package holiday deal, or separately from a holiday insurer. The insurance is bought in the country you live in and this country will be noted as the place you are to be returned in the event of an accident or worse. If you only plan on travelling around the UK you will only need to purchase domestic travel insurance. This is usually less expensive than international insurance.

International travel insurance sold by travel agents, usually as part of your package deal, is usually over-priced so it is always worth shopping around and checking out a variety of insurers. It is also worth checking out the small print of your credit cards if you have them. A small amount of credit card providers, such as M&S and Virgin Money, offer basic international travel insurance if you purchase your travel tickets on their card.

Before buying international travel insurance it is essential you check the policy small print, especially for any likely events that may render the insurance void. For instance, some travel insurance companies will insure a person with a heart condition but the insurance may only cover medical care for injuries or illness unrelated to the heart condition. It is also important you are honest on your travel insurance application, the smallest wrong detail could see you without insurance when you need it the most.

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