Internet Banking - Idiotproof and you don't even need to change out of your Slippers

I use it, my Aussie mates use it, my boss uses it, even my mother uses it. No, not deodorant – but Internet Banking. It’s the present and most assuredly the past – so it’s time you signed up with your bank.

You may have noticed of late that laptops are every year coming down in price. I paid almost two grand 10 years ago for what felt like a satchel of bricks that was just about able to count and play patience. Today, the same machine that fits into my back pocket, weighs no more than my wallet and can launch missiles from Moscow costs less than 400 quid.

Basically, as an insider at Toshiba told me earlier this year, computer companies want to get rid of desk tops –except for businesses- and have everyone carrying a laptop and doing all their transactions from it. This along with the ever increasing presence of WI-FI means that you can do all your Banking Online from wherever you are.

All banks offer this service, it is safe and secure and if there if you do become a victim of fraud – just like your credit card – you are fully covered by your bank.

For anyone who travels a lot, or works during normal banking hours or just wants to keep an eye on their bank account- because let’s face it – yes, banks do make mistakes – then Internet Banking is for you.

You can set up your internet banking account over the phone or at your local branch and it’s as easy as typing in a password to enable you to Pay Bills online, Transfer funds, pay your credit card and much, much more.

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