Why invalid scooter insurance can give you peace of mind

An invalid scooter is a great invention – it gives its user such independence and the freedom to get out and enjoy life, go shopping and meet friends.

Therefore it’s essential to take good care of the vehicle, because a regular user could feel lost without it.

But unlike car insurance, there is no legal requirement to buy invalid scooter insurance. This is because you are expected to drive it on the pavement and not on the road.

However, bear in mind you will be sharing a pavement with many other kinds of traveller – people out walking, parents with prams, or consumers carrying shopping bags. So it might be worth thinking about third party insurance to cover accidents or injuries to pedestrians, damage to property or collisions caused while driving your scooter.

In addition, some owners take out extra invalid scooter insurance to protect against theft or vandalism. Most policies cover repair costs and some will provide enough for a replacement scooter if yours has been severely damaged beyond repair.

If you are going to shop around for insurance quotes, you usually need to provide the insurance company with details about your scooter, including the price you paid and its age and serial number.

It’s always well worth checking whether the insurer will provide a recovery service to get you home safely if your vehicle should break down or you are involved in an accident. And if you buy a new scooter, remember to have your insurance policy updated.

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