Invest your money safely with fixed term deposits

If you have a lump sum that you want to invest, fixed term deposits can be a good idea, as they are a low-risk way of saving that guarantee fixed returns.

Finding a good financial institution to trust with your money for a fixed term deposit is not that difficult, taking into account the numerous comparison websites available online. It is easy to browse them and select the product you need according to your requirements.

For example, you can go to moneynet.co.uk and perform a search for term deposits. You will be asked to fill out some details such as the sum you want to invest, the term of your investment and type of interest rate. You will get results from all the important providers in the UK, including Bank of Scotland, Barclays, Lloyds TSB and Tesco Bank.

A second suggestion for people who want to compare fixed term deposits is moneyfacts.co.uk. Here you will be able to compare term deposits offered by a variety of banks and financial institutions, including the Co-Operative Bank, Northern Rock and ING Direct. You may sort the results after AER, account type, account operations available and terms.

Finally, you can choose to visit moneysupermarket.com /savings/fixed-rate-bonds and compare the rates for fixed term bonds. A specific feature of this website is the reviews section, which can be useful when you are doubt about which product to choose. On this website you can search for financial products by account name, minimum investment, interest rate, term and access.

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