Our guide to investing in gold

Are you looking for a safe haven in which to stash your cash while the stock markets fluctuate? Gold has seen record gains in recent times due to the uncertainty of the markets, and more and more people are starting to tuck their cash into gold as a means to keep it safe. In this blog, we take a look at investing in gold and how best to go about doing it.

Over the last ten years, Gold has followed a steadily rising upward curve, leading to phenomenal returns for everyone who has invested in. To give an example of these rising gold prices. In the first half of 2011, gold prices rose 5.9%. You would be hard-pressed to find any other investment that offers such high returns over such a short period of time. So it is easy to see why more and more people are hopping on the bandwagon.

If you are interested in getting involved, then we recommend taking a look at a site that offers a full service in the buying and selling of gold, and that site is www.buygold.co.uk/. Buy Gold are a full service gold investment company offering to facilitate your entrance into gold investment for a nominal fee. They have dedicated investment specialists you can speak to over the phone and they will advise you on the right course of action for investing.

Another site offering full service, as well as independent advice on the best ways to trade gold is www.tradinggold.co.uk/. This site is well worth a look as it is regularly updated with helpful charts and figures to let you know how much you will be investing.

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