The world's largest markets for investing in stock

Investing in stock is when an individual generates a percentage profit on their money, which will correlate with the percentage increase in the markets. Since markets peak and fall on a daily basis, stock investors have to make informed choices in order to make the best return from their money.

Some of the major global markets

There are a number of major international markets that most people will be vaguely familiar with. For example, news broadcasts regularly feature commentary about the stock markets and their recent trends.

The FTSE 100 is the UK share index that contains a list of the highest earning companies that are included on the London Stock Exchange. These companies have a significant impact on the British economy, since they occupy more than 80 percent of the LSE market.

The Dow Jones is a detailed list of all of the public owned companies that are investing in the US Stock Market and is used for assessing the trends in the industrial sector. The Dow is strongly influence by political events in the US and abroad, as well as economic and corporate news. It is also affected by major natural disasters, many of which cause severe economic repercussions.

Another US index, the Nasdaq, includes the list of the world's biggest technology companies, representing more than 3,500 corporations and companies. It is widely considered to be the most important index in the world. Meanwhile, the DAX, a German index, is one of the most influential in Europe, since Germany is Europe's largest and most successful economy.

Looking at the performance of the stock markets

There is plenty of information available online where people can observe the short-term and long-term trends in the global stock market. This information can also be found on many news channels, such as BBC News and Bloomberg, which provide frequent updates for each index. Anyone who is investing in stock should pay close attention to trends, since the markets can be highly volatile.

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