How to start investing in fantasy stocks

If you are not ready to start trading with real money, then you might want to look at a fantasy stock experience. Like the fantasy sports leagues, fantasy stock experiences allow you to trade and learn how stocks and shares work, without the risk of losing any real money.

There are a few different sites that run these experiences, and it’s worth looking at a few of them to get the best experience possible.


This site offers a complete simulation, as well as a lot of information should you decide to move into real stocks and shares. When you sign up the site gives you $100,000 in virtual cash, so there is absolutely no risk to your own money.

It also allows people to chat on a forum and learn from people with more experience. This is a nice feature for beginners, because it means that you will not lose all the money on one bad investment. It also allows you to get advice on the experience, and ask how others have moved from the simulation into the real world of stocks and shares.


This is another virtual experience, like Investopedia it pits the user against friends and colleagues whist giving them a realistic view of the stock market. The site itself is not as comprehensive, but it does feature a lot of information regarding market research the city, allowing you to plug the real information into your experience.

Bullbearings also offers a specific service for students, allowing those interested to compete with other universities, in a separate experience away from the main players.

There are other sites that offer experiences similar to the two sites above. They all follow the same basic set up, although the virtual cash will differ from site to site.

Although using these experiences may give you the confidence to try the real stock market, you should always get professional advice before investing in stocks, and you should never invest more than you could afford to lose.

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