Should I be investing my money in shares or property?

The stock markets are perilous, the savings accounts and investment bonds are offering very meagre returns, and the property market is stagnant. With inflation still going strong, savers are constantly faced with the question: how should I be investing my money? The answers are various and often contradictory, but it's best to get as many opinions as possible.

If you want to stay with the tried and trusted and keep your savings in a deposit account or bond, make sure you are getting the best possible rates of interest. Use the comparison sites like www.moneysupermarket.com or www.thisismoney.co.uk to keep tabs on the best deals and latest offers.

The economic climate is unsettled to say the least, so be wary of tying up your money in long-term deals like a 5 year bond for example. Interest rates are only going to go up, so you could be looking at a low rate and no way of getting out of the deal.

The economy has taken us back to a medieval situation where investors have been seeking the safe haven of gold. A website like www.taxfreegold.co.uk can help you invest, but gold is at a record high at the moment. We are in the realms of speculation about whether it will continue to rise, or whether panic has inflated its value.

Property at least brings in a regular income regardless of intrinsic values. There are bargains to be had, if you follow property advice from sites like www.property-investment-deals.com.

For smaller investors asking themselves, where should I be investing my money, the answer might lie closer to home. With interest rates low, it's a smart time to pay off some of your mortgage capital, so that, when the inevitable rise comes, you'll be in a better position with repayments.

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