Find the right investment property for sale

The UK property market has been in the doldrums for nearly 5 years, and predictions are not entirely optimistic. It might not seem the wisest area to place your cash, but there are profits to be had if you find the right investment property for sale.

The tough economic climate has made it very difficult for new buyers to find mortgages, with lenders reluctant to make offers without substantial deposit, and job insecurity discouraging buyers from saddling themselves with large debts.

This means that the rental market remains buoyant, and buy-to-let properties can still offer an attractive return on your investment. Choose your area carefully, preferably in a town that has plenty of students and young professionals. Make sure the property will not require expensive or time-consuming maintenance.

Websites like www.buytolet4sale.com or www.findaproperty.com will help you identify potential investment properties, but you should also check a site like www.landlordadvice.co.uk to be aware of the potential pitfalls and hidden expenses in this type of investment.

If you are skilled in restoration, plumbing, wiring and similar construction tasks, there are profits to be made in restoring dilapidated and cheap properties for resale. This is a business with plenty of potential for disaster though, so prepare your budgets in detail, allow for worst possible case scenarios, and don't get overambitious.

When upgrading investment property for eventual sale at a profit, it is sensible to start on a small scale. Once you have cashed in and gained in confidence and experience, you can move on to more ambitious investments.

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