What Are The Different Investment Types

One of the most common, and most reliable investment types is the good, old-fashioned bank account. Savings accounts are known as short-term investments, because they usually yield a small return in a short space of time. Modern times have also made this sort of investment  virtually risk free, because the government now insures all bank accounts with a balance of £85,000 or less. However, bank accounts offer relatively low returns, with the average savings account being somewhere around 4%. It is also still possible to lose money with a savings account investment due to fluctuations in inflation rates.

Another one of the more popular investment types is buying property or land. Of course, depending on the type of building you buy and its location, it is possible to lose money through property. Although this is unusual especially if you decide to live in it yourself, as you will be saving money on rent or leasing it out can make you money on the rent. The advantage to property investment is being able to keep hold of it until the property market allows you to make money on it. If you do not want to buy a property but want to invest in real estate, you should speak to an investment advisor about investing in different investment types of company stocks, such as shopping centres, apartments or office buildings.

If you are looking for unusual investment types, you can try investing your cash in commodities. These can be anything from gold or silver bullions to soybeans and farming produce. Supply and demand is what drives the prices of commodities up, so investing in these is purely speculative unless you are confident you can predict future use.

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