Your stock market investor guide

In a recession, finding rewarding investments becomes an arduous task. There are profits to be made, but they come with risks. Those looking to speculate in volatile stock markets have to be careful and well-informed, with dangers lurking in wait for the unwary. Look online for an investor guide that will steer you away from dangerous waters.

Reliable advice

The Investors Chronicle (investorschronicle.co.uk) is an informed and authoritative source, and, used judiciously, can be an excellent investor guide. A limited amount of information and share tips are available for free, but for full access you will need to buy a subscription. It is possible to apply filters to obtain tips and advice that fit in with your overall investment strategy.

The Wall Street Journal offers investment advice at the smartmoney.com website. Given that much of the turbulent global economy's problems have their roots in the American financial markets, it makes sense to go to the source for informed advice on possible areas of growth. You might need a few visits to get used to the American terminology, but the advice is authoritative.

The Investor Guide website investorguide.co.uk tracks market movements and trends to offer detailed analysis and advice. Its research tools allow you to make a thorough investigation of any company before you make any shares decisions.

For those who like to follow the old-fashioned method of learning from books, the Financial Times Guide To Investing is an excellent introduction to the dos and don'ts of stock market investments. Read it at your leisure, absorb its lessons and keep it on your desk as a reference. Invest £14.99 at Amazon to get your copy.

Keep your finger on the pulse

With the markets so volatile, an investor guide is only useful if it incorporates up-to-the-minute information. With European and American economies in a constant state of flux, smart investors have to be aware of all the issues that can affect their investments. Use news sites at the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal to stay informed.

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