Is it worth taking out iPhone 4 insurance Ireland?

As anyone who has shelled out hundreds for an iPhone can attest to, there are few things worse than the phone suffering damage and not being able to do anything except fork out for a new one. Prices for the 32 Gb model of the iPhone 4 are currently set at around 600 Euro, so it is well worth taking out an iPhone 4 insurance Ireland policy to keep your investment safe, and in this blog, we are going to show you companies offering the best deal.

Most of the big providers in Ireland offer phone insurance to go along with expensive handsets, and if you buy your iPhone from Vodafone, their product is one of the most impressive. You can view it at vodafone.ie/iphone/help/insurance. The best part about signing up directly with your provider is the fact that the cost is included in your bill, so you only get one bill instead of two. Vodafone's iPhone insurance works out at 9.99 Euro a month and covers you for Theft and loss, Malicious Damage, Accidental Damage, and unauthorised call protection.

If you are running an iPhone on a network that doesn't sell them, then there are also some independent companies offering iPhone insurance too. One such company is Phone Cover, who you can find online at phonecover.ie. Their iPhone policy is quite extensive and it offers up to 1,500 Euro coverage in the event of your phone being broken. Their policy is slightly more expensive at 12.99 per month, but it does offer slightly more protection.


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