Stay safe with Irish iPhone insurance

Just bought an iPhone and fretting about how safe it is? You aren't alone! With iPhones costing in excess of 600 Euro, it's only natural to be a little worried. However, the good news is, there's something you can do about it, take out an iphone insurance policy.

Mobile Phone insurance has been growing in popularity for years, and it exploded with the release of the iPhone. There's simply no sense in shelling out so much money for a product and not having it protected, especially with crime levels in Ireland where they are.

With this in mind, let's turn our browser towards one of the biggest providers of iPhone insurance in Ireland Phones Online, their website is at - http://www.phonesonline.ie/mobile_phone_insurance.asp.

This site offers cover for every type of mobile phone, with policies ranging from €5.49 per month to €14.99 for the iPhone 4 32 GB model. Their iPhone policies start at €11.99 for the 16 GB iPhone 3GS.

One thing to note about their policies is the excess. For iPhone claims you will be liable for at least 50 Euro excess, with this sliding up to 80 for their most expensive iPhone policy. Something to bear in mind when you claim!

Policies from Ireland Phones online cover the following eventualities:

  • Accidental Damage,
  • Liquid Damage,
  • World Wide Cover,
  • Theft,
  • Extended Warranty

So you know if you take out a policy from Ireland Phones online, you'll be covered for any eventuality. Peace of mind has never been cheaper!

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