Finding the right Irish motorbike insurance

Anyone who has tried to insure a motorbike in Ireland will be aware of how tough it can be, given the fact that so few companies will offer coverage outright unless you insure your home or your car with them. This somewhat closed shop can make it tough to find a quote that fits your budget.

The three main types of coverage available for motorbike riders in Ireland are much the same as those offered to car owners. Full comprehensive will cover liability to third parties as well as covering the vehicle for attempted or successful theft, accidental damage, fire damage (including self ignition, arson and explosion of the vehicle) and liability cover to third parties.

Third party, fire and theft will cover any liability to third parties from everyone named in the policy, as well as protect you against damages caused by attempted or successful theft and fire damage (including self ignition, arson and explosion of the vehicle).

Third party insurance will cover everyone named in the policy for liability towards a third party only.

Once you have decided on the policy type that best reflects your needs, it's time to get in touch with insurance companies for a quote. The four insurance companies who offer motorbike insurance in Ireland without the necessity of taking out another insurance policy with them are Quinn Direct, Aon Bikecare, Adelaide Insurance and Carole Nash.

Quinn Direct have long since been the go-to insurance company for drivers who cannot get good rates anywhere else, and they offer free breakdown cover, optional legal cover, discounts for completing rider assessment courses, monthly payment plans and a 24-hour claims helpline.

Carole Nash offer coverage for foreign use, a maximum of €100,000 in legal protection and an extensive accident recovery and breakdown service as part of their policies.

Adelaide offer discounts for riders willing to take advanced riding programmes as well as special offers for motorbike specialist stores.

Aon Bikecare have special offers for motorbikes less than one year old, coverage for stolen or damaged helmets and safety equipment, theft coverage that won't affect your no claims bonus and third party coverage to ride motorcycles other than that named in your policy.

Hopefully this guide should help you to find the Irish motorbike insurance company that best suits your needs.

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