Save up to £10,680 with ISA investments

Your choice of ISA investments will depend on the amount you wish to invest, whether you will make regular investments or invest a lump sum, and your ethical choices. An ISA is the name given to individual savings accounts.

If you plan on making a regular monthly investment, then you can choose an ISA that allows you to invest as little as £1 per month, for example, with Virgin money. Others stipulate that you have to invest a minimum monthly payment of £25 or £50. When making a lump sum ISA investment, you will need to invest a minimum amount. You will need £3,000 to open an ISA with Barclays, for example. Some ISA investments will allow you to invest a lump sum and top up with regular funds, for example, the Scottish Widows ISA. There are many other ISA investments available. You can move your investments, but you may pay an exit charge for doing so or closing your account.

Each account manager will spread your investment over a range of investment funds. Some ISAs will spread investments over a few funds, while others will spread investments over hundreds or thousands of investment funds.

If you are looking forward to making ethical investment choices, then you may want to consider investing your ISA allowance in a socially responsible investment portfolio. Fund managers like Aegon, Jupiter and Standard Life Investments, all have ethical investment funds available.

Your ISA investments can be made up of a cash ISA and a stocks and shares ISA or just stocks and shares ISA. From April 2011, you can invest £5,340 in a cash ISA and the balance of £10,680 in stocks and shares ISA. To pay into your ISA you must be a UK resident, aged 16 or over for a cash ISA or over 18 for stocks and shares. Your ISA must be in your name only. If you work for the Crown or are a member of the armed forces or their families, then you can also invest.

The main reason for investing in ISA investments is that they provide a tax-efficient investment. All ISA investments hope to increase your investment with growth potential over the medium to long term.

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