It makes sense to compare travel insurance for over 65s

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It only takes a couple of minutes to compare travel insurance for people over 65. There are numerous insurance comparison websites online where you can find the best deal on travel insurance for older people with a minimum amount of time and hassle.

Travel Insurance Report is one of the very best websites for comparing travel insurance. All you need to do is specify what type of travel insurance you're looking for - mainly if it's multi trip cover or single trip cover - and they will bring you the best deals on the market. There's also tons of additional information on travel insurance on Travel Insurance Report that you might find helpful.

Over 65s are viewed as the riskiest category of people to provide travel insurance to. For this reason many travel insurance providers refuse to offer quotes to people over 65, and many of the ones that do provide a quote will be asking for silly money. This is why it's a good idea to approach insurance companies that cater specifically to older people, as they usually represent your best opportunity of finding a competitive offer.

Saga and Age Concern are two of the leading insurance companies offering travel insurance to senior citizens. There's no upper age limit on who can take out travel insurance and both companies are willing to provide cover for pre-existing health conditions. If you already have health insurance, make sure that you let the insurer know because it could qualify you for an additional discount.

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