It takes two

Over a third of households would not be able to manage financially if they no longer had their main source of income, according to a new survey published by the Press Association.

Of the 5,148 people questioned by YouGov in February, around 44% of are reliant on two salaries, with that figure rising to 49% for couples with children, and 51% for those who are paying off a mortgage.

Clive Allison, a worker at life insurer Scottish Widows, said: 'Despite the number of households in the UK stating they could not cope financially if the main breadwinner was to lose their income, the take-up of protection products remains alarmingly low.

'Many millions of people are not protecting themselves in the unfortunate event of illness, an accident or death of the main breadwinner, which is leaving them vulnerable and in many cases unable to afford to support their families.'

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