It's Christmas time

Tesco are always one step ahead of the consumer, and at a time when most of us are still planning summer holidays has already started thinking of Christmas.

The retail giant has unveiled its list of what it predicts kids will be hankering after come December. So, if you can bear the suspense, what is going to be the top toy for yule this Christmas?

Well, the answer to that is the Fijit (see picture). The Fijit is, what Tesco describe as, a 'squishy robot' that talks to its owner (and whoever else who cares to listen) about their fave TV shows.

It sounds unbelievably banal, and looks set to trump some old favourites that includes Lego, Monopoly, Transformers and even Bob the Builder toys. Can you fix it so that this brightly coloured non-entity would go away?

Tesco senior buying manager John Stanhope said: 'Fijit is going to be this year's must-have gadget. Children across the nation will want to enjoy all the fun of interacting with the cute and cuddly creatures which can even react to programmes on television as well as to the spoken commands.'

The second most popular toy is predicted to be the VTech Kidizoom Twist, a kiddies' camera allowing users to view videos and photos and includes games and a special rotating 'self portrait' lens.

Meanwhile, sanity is restored with a new Barbie doll that includes dogs, a pool and a bikini outfit is also set to be in high demand this yuletide.

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