It’s not so good to Talktalk

TalkTalk are not making any new friends. The internet provider has confused its customers by slashing in half the time between bill and direct debit payment - instead of 14 days, customers now have only 7 days to check or dispute their bill.

The change has been branded as ‘greedy’ and ‘confusing’ on online forums, with one member of the thinkbroadband.com forum complaining that the speed at which the money was withdrawn from his account left him in the red and with no cash for food.

A spokesperson for TalkTalk said: 'We have been working to standardise our policy across all customers for how we collect direct debit payments. We notified our online billing customers in February and March that we would be moving to a 7 day collection period from April.'

She continued: ‘This means that we will collect payment seven days after the date of their bill. This is fully compliant with the three working day direct debit notification policy.'

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