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Jamie Laing, the popular reality TV show host of Made in Chelsea has also found success in the business arena. The playboy star is intent on following the footsteps of his great-grandfather, Alexander Grant who 120 years ago invented the Digestive biscuit. Laing is enjoying the success of his business ventures. We take a look at the financial portfolio of him and his net worth.

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Jamie Laing is the great grandson of the man who invented the Digestive biscuit, Alexander Grant. Grant worked for Robert McVitie. In 1920, McVitie's died with no heirs. As a result, Grant was appointed chairman and managing director of the company. Grant’s only son died a bachelor and consequently, the company was inherited by Hector Laing, his son in law.

Meanwhile, the 24-year old star is also into several business ventures apart from the reality show. He owns his clothing brand and in 2012, he launched the clothing and candy brand, Candy Kittens. Candy Kittens is based on a concept where gummy and gourmet sweets are sold with resealable packing. The gluten-free sweet treats contain real fruit juice, natural colourings and flavourings. Stockists for CK sweets include Harvey Nichols and other nationwide retailers. In addition to sweets, clothing such as sweatpants, hoodies and t-shirts are also sold in the shops.

Moreover, he has his own website and published a cookbook. On opening night alone, the turnover was estimated at £25,000.

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With the success of his business ventures, Jamie Laing net worth is estimated to be in the millions. Although he is not the sole heir of McVitie's as he has two full and four half siblings, Lang is earning enough money from his reality show and his business venture, Candy Kittens.

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Future plans

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Jamie Laing net worth is estimated to be close to millions, but the reality TV star says he is not afraid of work. Apparently, he did several odd jobs including working for Ralph Lauren holding a goldfish bowl for four hours. Future plans for his business ventures include expansion in America.

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