Working as a journalist

If you are looking for work in journalism there are jobs out there you just need to know where to look. Whether it is freelance work or an internship you are looking for, the work is available.

There are a lot of decent websites dedicated to getting people into journalism jobs but very few can compete with the journalismjobswebsite. Here you can do anything from getting jobs to learning the tricks of the trade.

The is a wealth of information on this website and it is all free to check out. There are lots of great elements to the website but the main thing you will need is their 'find a job' tab. This is the best way to look for openings in journalism.

You can search between T.V and Radio, newspapers, online media and so on. They cover just about any field you could want to break into. What's even better is how easy everything is. It takes only seconds to apply to jobs so you can really push your name out.

One of the best areas of the website is the 'Resources' area. If you are not trained but have wanted to break into journalism, this is where you need to be. There are a tonne of training course etc. to go through so be sure to check this section out.

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