Information on John Lewis Pet Insurance

John Lewis pet insurance is designed for cats and dogs aged over 8-weeks-old. Unlike other insurance companies there is no upper age limit with the pet insurance offered by John Lewis. All benefits continue once you pet reaches nine-years-old, although the benefit if your pet dies from illness stops. John Lewis pet insurance calculates your premiums going off the level of cover you require, the age of your animal and the specific breed of your pet. You can get a quote easily by either completing a form on their website or giving their dedicated insurance a ring.

John Lewis pet insurance can be paid off all at once, or in easily monthly repayments by direct debit. There is no need to renew your insurance each year if you pay by direct debit as John Lewis will renew it on your behalf unless you request it be stopped. Their insurance will not cover any existing condition or illness your pet has. It is important you are honest about your pet's general health, as well as if they have had all their injections. John Lewis will check with your vet in the event of a claim, which could lead to your insurance being voided. Routine examinations and treatments are also not covered by any policy with John Lewis Pet insurance.

If your dog or cat is stolen or gets lost, John Lewis pet insurance will pay you up to £1,000 for the cost of advertising for their safe return. This amount varies across the four levels, with £1,000 being the highest level of cover. John Lewis insurance also allows people with their top policy claim up to £10,000 a year in vets bills if your pet becomes ill or is injured. While most insurance policies offer £1,000,000 liability insurance, John Lewis pet insurance offers a £2,000,000 liability cover. Meaning if you end up in court because of an accident caused by your pet, you will know you are covered for any claims against you.

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