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  • Someone's had a skinful

    Someone's had a skinful

    Now everyone knows that Danny Devito likes a couple of jars, but in this morning interview he's more likely had a skinful. The mini funnyman claims he was putting it on for the cameras. What do you think?

  • Barack cracks some funnies

    Barack cracks some funnies

    The President sets the floor alight with a piercing wit fest at the Whitehouse Correspondents' Dinner

  • Come on George, let's belt one out

    Come on George, let's belt one out

    Nothing like a nice duet to round off a tour. Beyonce and George Michael belt out 'If I were a Boy' for the curtain fall of Big B's 02 London tour.

  • I'M ON A BOAT!

    I'M ON A BOAT!

    Never before has being on a boat ever sounded so gangsta

  • Like a Baws

    Like a Baws

    Another classis from the Lonely Island, like a baws

  • Dizzee takes a tumble

    Dizzee takes a tumble

    Embarrassing on stage tumbles can go one of two ways: pretend nothing happened, get grumpy with the hecklers. Or pick yourself up, laugh it off and carry on. Dizze did the latter. Good man

  • Gold trousers, MC Hammer dance

    Gold trousers, MC Hammer dance

    Loads of trendy LA kids wearing not so trendy gold MC Hammer pants, dancing to, you guessed it, 'Can't Touch This'. What could they possibly be advertising?

  • New GoW2 vid

    New GoW2 vid

    Direct from E3 my friends

  • It happens to everyone

    It happens to everyone

    Warning - adult content, ok?

  • Olden, but golden

    Olden, but golden

    Justin Timberlake+(appendage+box)=funny

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