We try and find a great deal on just passed driving test insurance

Are you a freshly qualified driver looking to insure your first set of wheels? You've probably been made aware of the horror stories about trying to get a decent car insurance policy, but things are really not that bad. It's perfectly possible to get a great just passed driving test insurance policy if you look in the right places!

While most people look to insurance comparison sites at this point, we recommend you check out what's on offer from Direct Line Car Insurance at directline.com. Simply click on their Car Insurance tab and lets see what's on offer.

Direct Line aren't on insurance comparison sites, and this is because they'd prefer you to visit their site directly, where they hope to woo you with a number of brilliant offers. They cater especially well for Young Drivers, even offering a tips section to help them drive down the costs of their policy even further.

Every policy with Direct Line offers a number of perks. You'll get vandalism cover that protects your no claims bonus, all named drivers earn their own No Claims Discount, if you get hit by an uninsured driver they'll cover your excess and you won't lose your No Claims Discount, and finally, they clean all repaired cars inside and out before returning them.

Direct Line's policies offer value and protection to young drivers, so check them out today for a great deal. You can get a quote from their website, or by calling their UK based call centre.

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