Just to get me by until payday

We've all been there. Just a week or two before payday and all of a sudden there is a cash flow crisis. This happens quite a bit if you are paid monthly or bi-monthly and can be a real pain taking money off friends or pushing the rent back again. This can end up in tears if payments get missed or eviction if you cant make your rent. A lot of people simply don't realise that they could just get a short term loan. A payday loan will fix you up for the weeks that you are skint and you can pay them, as soon as you get paid. There are lots of people online offering this service but the best that we have come across has to be the loanadvances website.

The first thing worth checking out is the 'Our Charges' link. This will bring you to another page that breaks down how much you will have to repay. On £100 you will have to pay £125 back, on £200 you will be paying £250 and so on. If you decide that you are happy with the price you simply have to apply. Fill in your details and within minutes(if everything is verified) you should have the cash in your bank account. Happy days!

Remember to only borrow what you need and you should have a trouble free trip.

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