Keen to leave Britain?

A new report by the Post Office shows that many people are actively thinking about packing their things and moving abroad to start a new life. But while sky high property prices you’d gladly leave behind, it’s easy to overlook the many plus points of living in Blighty.

The main reasons for living abroad were to improve our quality of life. Second on the list was to retire, while having a new ’life experience’ was third placed.

Most expats claim to be happy with their choice. 70% said they were very happy with their new life, while 60% said that there’s a greater sense of community in their adopted country than in the UK.

However, not everything is rosy in the garden, and most expats hold some regrets about leaving. Nearly 60 percent miss family, 43 percent friends, and 3 percent even miss their fave UK soap operas.

Relocating abroad can give you a whole lot of new money worries too. Sarah Munro from Post Office International Payments says: ‘Our research has shown that two thirds of expats are feeling a pressure on their personal finances; with the global recession impacting interest rates and the performance of the pound on the currency market, relocation doesn't always mean immunity to ongoing financial strain.’

So before making the move, it’s best to talk things over with a financial adviser first.

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