Stay covered with kitchen appliance breakdown cover

If you're worried about keeping your appliances safe from breakdown, then have you considered kitchen appliance breakdown cover? It may seem like poor value, but we've found a way to make it great value, at little extra cost.

The warranty the shop tries to sell you when buying a product is often appalling value. It's there purely as a money maker, dressed up as offering you a valuable service. Let's get this straight early on, you should NEVER accept one of these warranties.

Instead, a new product has come on stream recently called a "Multi appliance policy". These policies replace the expensive and often useless individual warranties, instead covering all of your appliances under one financial umbrella.

Prices for a multi appliance policy will obviously differ depending on how many appliances you want to insure. To give an example, internet based insurer Warranty Direct is offering a competitive multi appliance policy covering three items worth up to £2,000 each for £9.75 a month.

If you don't like the look of the company, or want to go with a more established name, British Gas will cover up to nine kitchen appliances for £16 a month.

It's worth noting, that if an appliance is more than eight years old, the policy won't pay out. Even if the appliance is more than five years old, you'll start to run into limits on how much they pay out. So always check the fine print!

Hopefully this blog has cleared up protecting your household appliances!

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