Kitco: The One Stop Precious Metal Trading Shop

Kitco is a powerful online precious metal specialist that can keep you up to date on the very latest prices on gold, silver, copper and just about any other precious metal you may be interested in. It is also a valuable resource if you are simply interested in keeping up to date on trading prices.

First Class Service

Kitco has a reputation for being one of the world's foremost retailers of precious metals. They have a strong international prescence with offices in Montreal, New York and Hong Kong. The Kitco website is first and foremost a fountain of information on trading prices for precious metals. You get access to live prices, indicators and lease rates for gold and silver as well as other metals like platinum, rhodium and palladium.

Kitco offer a large variety of bullion products that can help you expand your bullion collection. Kitco also have a refining service that you can use if you have any metals that you are looking to scrap. There are competitive prices on all metals and you can even reserve prices in advance of sales. There is also the advantage of a customer support team that are very responsive and attentive.

Using Kitco gives you access to extra products and services such as the latest news and a very useful mobile application. When it comes to purchasing precious metals, there is no minimum purchase amount required so even those of you new to trading in precious metals can get started on Kitco with ease. Shipping times are very prompt and all packages are non-descript looking with plenty of padding to protect your new investment.

Award Winning Website

Kitco have won many awards for their website and on there you can get the latest prices, market commentaries, precious metals news and you can also discuss metals through the very active forum. When you put this together with an online sales store then you really have everything in place to trade precious metals with confidence.

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