Know the price of Gold

Selling your old gold can be a way to make a quick few bucks for yourself, or else a way to leave yourself open to being massively ripped off. We can't overstate how important it is for you to do your homework if you intend on swapping your gold for cash!

At the very heart of this is making sure you know how much the price that gold is, as unscrupulous companies will play on the fact consumers aren't as savvy as they could be by offering them paltry sums for their gold.

The first fact worth remembering is, even if you work out how much your gold is worth, you will NEVER get 100% of the value for it off gold resellers. These companies have their own costs and overheads, so if they offer you 80% of the value, the 20% they make on the gold is their margin. The key is to find a Cash for Gold company who will give you as close to 100% as possible. This is tougher than you might think!

Finding the true value of your gold requires a little work, but it's absolutely do-able. There are lots of guides online to finding out the value or gold, but a great place to start is with this guide from British company My Precious - http://www.myprecious.co.uk/how-to/how-to-tell-what-your-gold-is-worth/.

This guide tells you how to spot hallmarks, and how to find the true weight of your gold. Check it out today and avoid rip-off's!

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