Lack of Student Insurance is Burglars Bounty

Recent polls and surveys show that students are keeping an expensive total value of items in their student homes and dormitories, as they fail to cover themselves with student insurance and leave themselves open to the risk of burglary.

One study showed that one in three students are falling victim to on and off campus burglary, but that most are turning a blind-eye that it could happen to them and not taking out necessary insurance. 68% of 1,895 students polled considered they were not at risk of a similar crime.

Endsleigh Insurance commented that students kept between £2000 and £5500 worth of possessions such as laptops, musical devices and digital cameras, in their pads. While Sainsbury's Home Insurance estimates undergraduates keeping on average, over £3500 value with them.

Coming in at around £685, musical instruments are the most expensive items to replace, with laptops as a close second at £610, and clothes costing an average £603 in third place.

It's not unheard of complete strangers attending house parties uninvited, just to steal possessions belonging to the occupants such as cameras, computers and even keys to their car! So it hardly comes as a surprise also to hear of stories about how lax some students can be about their room security. An example being, two female roommates who only had one key between them in a shared dormitory room. The door was left unlocked so the other, returning late after a night out, could enter the room without disturbing her roommate who was already sleeping!

Some students may be covered by their parents' home and contents insurance, but in most cases they're not. A wise choice would be to take out their own personal room contents student insurance, and of course...keep the door locked!

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