Lack of Planning Permission: Financial Protection with Indemnity Insurance

If you're thinking about buying a home but aren't sure whether modification to the home were carried out with planning permission you should consider paying a one-off premium for lack of planning permission indemnity insurance. When you buy a home the lack of planning permission on certain new building modifications are still your responsibility, not the previous owner, and local councils will seek to enforce further work to adjust the part of the home without planning permission or issue a fine. This can be a real hassle, especially when the building work wasn't done by yourself and you had no knowledge of the lack of planning permission.

Financial Protection

Lack of planning permission indemnity insurance is designed to protect you financially and protect the value of the property. It is not an easy fix, nor will it prevent local authorities from forcing you to remove the modification. It will, however, cover you for any extra work that needs to be carried out and (in some cases) cover any fines issued by a local authority.


Lack of planning permission protection with indemnity insurance normally costs a one-off flat fee of anything from £30 to £500, excluding administration fees. You're than covered for the lifetime of the property and the indemnity insurance is passed on to each new property owner.


Criteria for Lack of Planning Permission Indemnity Insurance

To apply and be accepted for a lack of planning permission indemnity insurance policy, you must:

  • Not have been contacted by a local authority previously regarding the lack of planning permission on any alterations to the property.
  • Must have had modifications carried out at least 12 months ago.
  • Ensure the property has been used as a residential dwelling for the last 12 months.
  • Have a survey or valuation report in regards to the building work carried out. This report cannot contain any adverse comments about the quality of the work, highlight any defects or pinpoint safety issues with the work carried out.

Failure to provide accurate information will make lack of planning permission indemnity insurance invalid and may also be considered fraud.

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