Lack of Building Regulations: Indemnity Insurance

When building or modifying certain parts of a home the work must conform to building regulations. You might not always be aware that building regulations weren't sort, or you may be buying a home where work was carried out without building regulation. In this case you could opt for lack of building regulations indemnity insurance, which financially protects the value of your home and any enforcement costs issued by a local authority.

Lack of Building Regulations Indemnity Insurance

Lack of building regulations indemnity insurance is a financial protection for the home owner or buyer of a property. It doesn't cover the work carried out but protects you from enforcement by local authorities; if you have to make modifications to the building or pull down the fixture entirely, for example, lack of building regulations indemnity insurance will cover the cost. In many cases the cost of paying a fine issued by local authorities will also be covered.

House Sellers

If you're selling a house and parts of recent building work wasn't met by building regulations then you should consider taking out a lack of building regulations indemnity insurance. It's unlikely a buyer will be willing to take out indemnity insurance for unregulated building work carried out while you were the owner; considering the low cost of indemnity insurance (a one-off payment between £30 to £500 depending on the provider) it's a guaranteed incentive to potential buyers.

Contacting Local Authorities

You can't take out building regulations indemnity insurance if local authorities have previously been made aware of lack of building regulations or a notice has been sent out. In this case you will have to bare the full force of enforcement from local authorities without any financial cover from an indemnity policy.

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