Land Rover classic car insurance providers

Land Rover classic car insurance can be obtained from most high street insurers - but you won't always find the best quote. Even if you think a deal is pretty good for you financially you should always shop around and consider specialist insurers, such as providers who offer comprehensive policies for 4x4s. Not only are you likely to find a better quote but you may even find a policy that covers you better than any other "all round" dealer, as the plan should be designed for your specific car type if the company is a specialist group.

What is "Classic" Car Insurance?

Land Rover classic car insurance is a type of cover for a car more than 10 years old but worth at least £15,000. Because the car is quite old, despite its condition, a standard insurer may quote a higher price solely due to the age of the car or make claiming more difficult. Car insurance providers that specialise in classic cars, however, understand that the car is more than 10 years old and design policies for older cars. Classic car insurance providers also realise the value of certain collectible car models.

Why Should I Opt for "4x4" Specialists?

Land rovers are 4x4 drives and standard land rover classic car insurance may provide a typical level of cover but it may not meet the desired level of insurance needed for a 4x4. Land rovers can be used off road and, should an accident occur when the vehicle is being used off road, a standard policy won't normally cover you. Standard insurance may also quote a higher price for a four wheel drive and still only provide basic cover; you've got a much better chance to snap a great deal if you approach a specialist four wheel drive insurer.

What Companies provide Land Rover Classic Car Insurance?

Lancaster Insurance (lancasterinsurance.co.uk)

Adrian Flux (adrianflux.co.uk/landrover)

Peter Best Insurance (peterbestinsurance.co.uk)

John Lewis Insurance (johnlewis-insurance.com)

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