Landlord Insurance in Ireland

You may think that a normal Household Cover policy will keep you protected if you decide to let out your property, but this is often not the case. Specialised Landlord Insurance is available in Ireland, so if you're thinking of becoming a landlord, let's see what landlords insurance ireland can do for you.

Landlord Insurance is different from normal everyday household insurance in that it will cover you for eventualities arising out of renting your property to others. It covers things like malicious damage by tenants, cover while the property is unoccupied, Loss of rent, as well as all the usuals like Third Party, Buildings Cover, Contents Cover, and Fire Cover.

Unlike owner occupied properties, a landlord shouldn't need to take out full contents cover on a house. Instead cover is only needed for certain possessions owned by the landlord, like electrical appliances, carpets, curtains, blinds etc. The tenant should be responsible for insuring the rest of their possessions.

If you're looking to reduce your Landlord Insurance premium, then there are a number of things you can do to bring it right down. Fit Smoke Alarms, Fit fire blankets and extinguishers, install an alarm, fit security locks, and negotiate your policy in bulk if you own a few properties.

A large selection of insurance brokers are now offering buy to let insurance, so the market should be extremely competitive. Use this extra leverage to try and negotiate your policy down, and always compare the market, don't just take the first quote you find!

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