Last minute 'cash back and voucher' holidays

Research from Ilovecashback.com shows that it's prudent mothers who are taking advantage of last minute holiday bargains and earning cash back in the process.

Their study found that the average mother spends £1,337.44 on a family holiday compared with £1,972.49 when a father books it.

And many are booking their holidays through cash back websites, allowing them to get a little financial remuneration in return for their troubles.

'Holidays are an essential part of life though everyone is feeling the pinch, it seems mums are still determined to have that week in the sun, whatever it takes!' said ILoveCashback's managing director, Brad Blake.

'Since the launch last month we've seen a lot of people going straight to the last minute holiday bargains sections perhaps as an alternative to booking a UK 'staycation'. Our member statistics prove that it is women who are doing all the work.'

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