Last minute holiday?

Whether it's because your finances are in a state or you just haven't got around to booking one, it's still possible to bag a holiday – and at bargain prices too.

As long as you're flexible about when and where you go then you've obviously got a better chance of finding something.

For flights Skyscanner is always a good bet if you want to find out the cheapest flights to just about anywhere. Just type in a destination and in one search result you'll see all of what's going.

Now as for accommodation your first stop should probably be Hotels.com which has summer sale currently going on in which you could secure hotels in Madrid from just £45 a night or in Paris from £73. Want self-catering? No problem. Check out Holiday Lettings website, which has a massive variety of private accommodation all over the world at rock bottom prices for you to cherry pick.

Of course many of us would prefer a package deal, and why not? Let Teletext Holidays and Thomas Cook be your first ports of call in a holiday storm. They both offer some stunning deals to most European destinations and beyond, including a week self-catering in Corfu for 200 nicker!

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