Types of lease cars options for personal use

Car buyers who are looking to lease cars for personal use have many options available to them. One of the benefits of leasing a vehicle is that you can drive a new car every few years. One negative of leasing a car is that you may be limited in the number of miles that you can drive the vehicle on a yearly basis.

If you are person that likes to drive long distances then lease cars for personal use may not be for you. When looking at lease cars terms for personal use, you need to understand the contract terms. Learn about the different cars and lease options available to you.

Euro Leasing Direct

This company offers leasing options that do not require a deposit. Competitor agencies typically have a 1 month or 6 month deposit requirement. Consumers interested in leasing a car with Euro Leasing must have a checking account and pass a credit check. Additionally, the company requires you to use direct deposit. Part of their service includes free delivery of the vehicle to your home.

One vehicle from Euro Leasing Direct is the Hyundai i30 Estate. Monthly pricing is £239. The personal lease includes 12 month of road tax, home delivery and no documentation charges. The car has alloy wheels, air conditioning and electric windows. A maintenance package can be added for £27.99.

Another top of the line car is the Nissan Qashqai. This personal lease vehicle comes with air conditioning, alloy wheels, Bluetooth connection and electric windows. Included in the package is 12 months of road tax and free home delivery.

Contract Hire and Leasing

This company has a variety of personal leasing deals. For £565 per month, buyers can get the Jaguar XF Saloon. The yearly mileage requirement is 10,000 miles. The contract is for 36 months, and no initial payment is required.

A lower priced and economical alternative is the Kia Ceed Hatchback. This 5 door vehicle is a 36 month lease. You can lease this car for only £259 per month.


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