Lending Stream review

Lending Stream is a lending agency that offers quick payday and personal loans. You can get a loan of up to £1500 with a repayment or maturity period of 6 months. We take a look at a Lending Stream review and see how borrowers rate the loan bank and its services.


The lending company makes it easy for consumers to apply for loans by filling out an online application. Since it is done on the web, you can submit your application anytime. There is a credit scoring system in place to help assess your viability and capability to repay the loan. Records with other credit agencies will be used in approving or disapproving an application. Once an application is approved, funds will be released quickly, within 4 minutes.

What others are saying: Lending Stream review

Lending Stream is a quick source of loans and credit. However, primary complaints and feedback from borrowers include the following:

* High interest rates

The fixed annual interest rate is 406.6%. Interest on monthly loan is 34% (per cycle) although there are promotional pricing offers from time to time. Borrowers say Lending Stream is worse than a loan shark with these rates.

* Online only applications

There are no applications which can be processed over the phone.

* A lot of paperwork

The company asks for several documents sent by fax to help confirm identity.

* Overdraft will not get you approved

Lending Stream will not approve clams if you have an overdraft unlike other banks.

* Lending policies

Lending Stream lends only to people who are employed full time. Freelancers and independent contractors have no chance. In addition, they only offer loans to those who are paid monthly or four weekly payments. Employees who are paid bi-weekly are not eligible.

An established loan bank

Lending Stream, like any other financial institution has its share of shortcomings and flaws, but it has been in the lending business for a long time. The Lending Stream review indicates the company is a reliable and trustworthy source of payday loans provided you are credit worthy. Their policies and repayment terms are clear cut and you can also negotiate repayment terms if you are in a bind or unable to pay your dues on time. Just be sure to read the fine print and make a careful decision before committing yourself to a loan.

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