Let's check out Martin Lewis for mortgages

For first-time buyers struggling to get on to the property ladder, all the help they can get is greatly appreciated. Martin's Money advice for mortgages can be found at Money Saving Expert and it covers absolutely everything you'll need to know to make your dream move.

Martin's free mortgage guide is available to print in PDF format for first-time buyers. It's in PDF format because there's just too much information for an online version included in the guide. This is something that you'll want to print off and sit down with to effectively soak up all the information provided.

Think about it this way - a mortgage is probably the biggest expense you're ever likely to undertake and for every one per cent you manage to shave off your mortgage deal, you'll save £1000 a year on a £100,000 mortgage. Wouldn't you want all the information you can get your hands on?

The guide covers everything you'll need to know about mortgages. It lays out all the information on interest-only repayments, fixed rate and variable rate mortgages. Anyone who has been having a hard time securing a mortgage should definitely read the guide because there's fantastic tips for maximising your chances of finding a willing lender; especially if you're in the notoriously difficult self-employed category.

If you already have a mortgage and are trying to cut costs, renegotiate the deal or consolidate debts then the free mortgage guide won't help you. You need the remortage guide, which Martin Lewis also provides for free at Money Saving Expert.

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