Lets find cheap car insurance for a young female

If you're a young woman who has just qualified as a driver then luckily you won't face the same sort of scrutiny from insurance companies as your male counterparts. Cheap car insurance for a young female is plentiful, and there are even companies who specialise exclusively in insuring women drivers.

In this blog we'll be checking out perhaps the UK's best "women only" Car Insurance company, and they are Diamond, who you can find online at http://www.diamond.co.uk/. Diamond specialise in female car insurance, and has been offering policies since 1997. The reason they can offer such outstandingly low quotes to female drivers is because, despite the myth, women are much safer drivers than men, and are involved in far fewer accidents.

Diamond offer fully comprehensive policies with a huge number of benefits including a Free Courtesy car while your car is in for repairs, £100,000 legal cover, Personal Injury Cover, Free Windscreen Repair, flexible payment options, and Free handbag and contents cover up to £300. If you join their "Diamond Club", you will save money on any repairs that you need to get done to the car outside of your insurance policy, so even when you aren't claiming, you're covered!

Right now, Diamond are offering a staggering 10% off their car Insurance policies if you book the policy direct online from their website. You can get a quote online within minutes, so if you're a female driver, you're in unbelievably safe hands if you take out a policy with Diamond. Check them out today!

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