Let's try to find the cheapest 1 day car insurance

There are a multitude of reasons for considering a short term/ cheapest 1 day car insurance policy. Perhaps you're going on holiday, want to take a new car for an extended test drive, or else you're a young driver looking to build up a body of safe incident free driving before you try to get a year's cover.

No matter what the reason, there are plenty of insurers right now offering 1 day car insurance drivers policies, so the market is quite competitive. Generally, most short term insurers will cover you once you're over 21 years of age for a period between one day and 28 days.

So, where's a good place to look for a short term insurance policy? Well, point your browser towards aviva.co.uk/short-term-car-insurance, and let's see what products Aviva Insurance are offering right now.

Aviva will let you arrange the policy to suit you online within minutes. It won't affect your no claims discount on the vehicle's main insurance policy. The policy is also suitable for business use, except for hire and reward.

Aviva also offer a number of optional extras on their short term car insurance policies. These extras include comprehensive cover for driving in Europe, and temporary breakdown cover.

Check them out today and see what one of their short term policies can do for you. You can get a quote from their website online by clicking on this link - shortterminsurance.co.uk/yourdetails.aspx and entering your details. The quote should be available within minutes.

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