Like honey to the bee

First Tesco, now Sainsbury is getting into the car insurance racket. Can’t someone tell them to stick to food!

Sainsbury has come up with the wheeze of targeting its Nectar card holders with insurance discounts.

Nectar customers will be eligible for a 15% discount on their car insurance premiums. That’s great, since the average insurance premium went up over 20% in the last year!

Ben Tyte, head of motor insurance for Sainsbury's Finance said: ‘The family car is vital to most of us, and with the majority of us feeling the pinch when it comes to running them, we're delighted to be able to offer the Sainsbury's shopper the chance to keep the cost of motoring down with a very attractive discount on their car insurance premiums and the ability to save money on their shopping in store and also their fuel.’

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